A template is a special type of page that has been designed so its content can be included in one or more other pages. Since a given template can be included in many pages, templates can help reduce duplication and promote a uniform style between pages.

Templates are usually located in the Template namespace, which means any page name beginning with Template:, such as Template:Template. However, any article not in the "File:" namespace can act as a template (as explained below).

Using TemplatesEdit

Main article: Transclusion

The content of a template can be added to a page by referencing it using the wiki markup: {{templatename}}. This references the template and includes its output at the point of insertion. Articles will be updated automatically when referenced templates are changed. A page that references templates cannot be edited to change the content of a referenced template, although a list of referenced templates will be displayed at the bottom of the page for convenience while editing it.

Entire pages may also be referenced. This outputs the entire article into the page being edited. This featured can be used by adding a colon and the article name between open brackets. Example: {{:article name}}

Substituting TemplatesEdit

Main article: Transclusion

A different way to use a template is to substitute its content into a page. This is done by inserting subst: immediately after the opening braces: {{subst:templatename}}. Once the page is saved, the link to the template is removed and the template output is substituted in its place and can be further edited. Any updates to the template will not affect the content that was substituted into the page.

Benefits of TemplatesEdit

Templates are used to add recurring messages to pages in a consistent way, to add boilerplate messages, to create infoboxes and navigational boxes, and to provide cross-language portability of texts.

Templates can also make it much easier for new and casual editors to use advanced designs, features and extensions by hiding confusing code.

Creating a TemplateEdit

In short, create the text you want to have copied onto the target pages on a page in the Template namespace. Creating Template:Templatename will allow users to insert {{templatename}} into a page to display your text.

See Help:Creating templates for details.

For an overview, see the quick guide to templates on Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki.

Creating an Advanced TemplateEdit

To learn how to change the output of the template based on what the user inputs, see Help:Template parameters and Help:Parser functions.

Updating and Adding Standard TemplatesEdit

FANDOM's Starter Pages and Templates wikis occasionally improve some of their documentation as well as adding new templates specifically designed for FANDOM sites, and are therefore worth checking from time to time. For sites created before about December 2008, the Starter Pages Wiki should be compared and ideally used for upgrading to its standard documentation system similar to that introduced in Wikipedia.

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