You can add references and citing source to articles in wiki using following wikitext examples. References help show what you've written is information and not opinion. References leave a small link to the footer like this:[1]

Simple CodeEdit

<ref>Book, p 100</ref>


Be sure to include this code at the end of a page:

== References ==
<references />

Advanced Example Edit

Here is the full list of options if your wikia has the proper templates.

What it's for What you type
To create the reference <ref name="name for reference">Information Source</ref>
To cite a book {{cite book}}
To cite a web source {{cite web}}
Book ISBN |isbn=0-4397-0818-4 (ISBN of the book)
Web URL |url=
Title |title=title of source
Author |author=authors, use commas for multiple
First name |first=first name
Last name |last=last name
Location |location=location of publisher
Publisher |publisher=who published the source
Date |date=2007-09-21 (date of source)
Year |year=year of source
Accessed date |accessdate=2008-12-25 (only if url= is included)
A complete reference tag <ref name="WikiMarkup">{{cite web |url= |title=Help:Wiki markup |publisher=Wikimedia Foundation}}</ref>
Referencing the same source multiple times <ref name="WikiMarkup" />

References Edit

  1. w:Help:Cite
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