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[[Wiki Markup Wiki]] creates a link to Wiki Markup Wiki.
[[Wiki Markup Wiki|WMW]] creates a link to Wiki Markup Wiki, but displays WMW.


Internal Link / Free linking Edit

An Internal Link or Free linking is used to link to another page, article, template, etc.  in the same wiki. By using double square brackets as following [[sample page]] for linking pages.

Example 1: Simple Link
[[Wiki Markup Wiki]]

Appears as this:
Wiki Markup Wiki
To use this code, change Wiki Markup Wiki to the page that you want to link to.

Example 2: Custom Text
[[Wiki Markup Wiki|Wiki Markup]]

Appears as this:
Wiki Markup

Example 3: Category Link

Appears as this:
Be sure to include the colon at the start or the article will be added to the category instead of linking to it.


Internal Links are used to link one page of a Wiki to another. To use the code, replace Wiki Markup Wiki with the name of the page you are linking to. If you do not want the page name on the screen, use code 2 and replace the wiki markup with whatever text you want.

Other Wikis Link Edit

Linking to other wikis using wiki markup is more complicated than internal links but still won't trigger spam filters the way using a hard link will.

Example 4: Other Fandoms

Appears as this:
w:c:wikimarkup:Link. To use this code change wikimarkup to the name of the community, and change Link to the page that you want to link to.

Example 5:
[[w:How to Use Wikitext]]

Appears as this:
w:How to Use Wikitext.

Example 6: Wikipedia

Appears as this:


See example 2 for customizing the text of the link on page using a pipe.

External Link Edit

An External Link is used to link to another page outside the wiki family.

Example 7: URL 

Appears as this:

Example 8: Custom text url links
[ Wiki Linking]

Appears as this:
Wiki Linking

Linking FROM other wikis Edit

This code is for use on Wikipedia and other non-fandom wikis.

Example 9: Linking TO wikia pages

Appears as this:

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