This page mentions how to check what other pages link to a designated page. This is very useful information to have before deciding to redirect or delete a page.

Solution 1Edit

How to open the "What links here" tool.

Step Action
1 Go to any page on the desired wiki.
2 At the bottom of the screen is a toolbar, hover over "My Tools" menu.
3 Select the "What links here" menu item.

Solution 2Edit

How to change the URL to see "What links here" information.

Step Action
1 Go to any page on the desired wiki.
2 In your browser address bar before the page name add another directory
3 Hit enter or Go button on your browser. (more info on wiki URLs below)


More specifics on editing the URLEdit

All Fandom wiki URLs follow this formula

 http://[name of wiki][name of page]

If there is a space ' ' in the name, it shows up as an underscore '_' in the URL. By editing the end of the URL, you can access any page on the wiki.

more info can be found at

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