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The protection level of a page shall be changed.

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How to protect a page
Page protection is a tool available to administrators and bureaucrats, and is used to prevent certain user groups from editing certain pages, depending on the level of protection. It is also useful to protect some pages which are vandalized repeatedly. Mass protection of pages is against the FANDOM Terms Of Use though.

Levels of protection:

  • None - No protection
  • Semi-Protection - Only autoconfirmed users can edit
  • Full Protection - Only administrators can edit
  • Cascading Protection - Applies full protection onto an article and every article that is transcluded onto the protected page.
  • You have administrator privileges.
Step Action
1 Go to the page that needs protection.
2 Open the Edit button. Several buttons become visible. One of these is a Change protection button.
3 Click this button. A form appears.
4 Fill the form as required and click Confirm.
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