Problem Edit

You want to change the links in the navigation bar at the top of every page.

Solution Edit

How to edit the top navigation linksPrecondition

  • You have administrator privileges.
Step Action
1 Click the Admin link on the tools menu on the bottom of the page.
2 Select 'Top Navigation' from the Wiki section of the admin dashboard.
3 You should now be editing the page /wiki/MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation?action=edit
4 Preview the page to make sure it displays properly and all links work before you save.

Use Edit

Description Example
Top Level Link: One * *Community
Sub-Link: Two ** **Forum:Index
Expanding Category: #Bounding# **#topusers#
Custom Link Name: Link|Name *Category:Content|How to...
Text without Link: Hash Pipe Text #|Policy

External LinksEdit

FANDOM navigation help page

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